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  1. Dammit! You have a way to draw me back to the Wolves!!! I think it’s awesome! I have a soft spot for your skills with OSL and the runes on that pod show why. I also like how the model is not overly scratched or burned – the eye if more drawn toward the runes and metalics. By the way, the side panels and ramps look great! Did you paint them using only glazes and washes or did you used dry pigment?
    Another great job – keep ’em coming!

    1. It’s painted with acrylics only, I don’t like using pigments… they’re… hm, don’t know ;) I don’t like.
      Ramps are painted with mix of Boltgun Metal, dark browns and black. It’s a dirty brown metallic. Mixing metallics with 'normal’ acrylic paints causes that they look half-matt and weathered itself. On that base I put general wash from watered down Agrax Earthshade + Nuln Oil and fill all recess areas. I improve shadows using airbrush and mix of black and dark browns (something like Vallejo Smoke), after this I use sponge with Chrome paint to make paint chips. After chipping I add some filters from Sepia, browns, violet wash appiled with airbrush (very thin layer). Next I use Bestial Brown to make some rusty areas. I think that’s all, but it’s only my 'projection’ from the past. I always paint very chaotic and don’t remember all steps. Btw. hope it helps :)

  2. Witaj jak malujesz te „świecące” runy ?
    Efekt jest powalający, chodzi oczywiście o cały model.

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