Abyssal Warlord WIP shots

Hi, I got some updates with Abyssal warlord, 75mm mini. I made yesterday base for this big guy. There are some areas to finish like hands, some armour, shield, details and many more things.
Also you’ll surely ask about spiderwebs, candles and floor on base, just click on it for answer how it’s made. Thanks to guys from MV and Marta :)

and here is picutre with real smoke from cigarette :)

one more thig… inspirational music, very helpful to relax during painting such a badass!

2 myśli na temat “Abyssal Warlord WIP shots

  1. WIP or finished project, in your case dosent matter- always stunning

    Its larger scale so you have some more area to show your skills, beautiful armour, love your weathered metallics. Also very nice base.

    I dont like only those small lights on his shoulder pads, they’re in fact not nescessary

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