Commission miniature painting service for Warhammer 40K, Warhammer Age of Sigmar, Warhammer Fantasy Battle, LotR, Warmachine, Hordes, Dark Age miniatures, Infinity, Bolt Action or Any other figure. I prefer to negotiate the price of every miniature before I start working on it.

10 years of experience

Over 10 years of professional painting and modelling experience and still learning new skills.

Awarded Painter

Multiple awarded, have won lot of trophies on painting and modelling events.

Flexible painting time

I accept express time and long term comissions. Usually time of painting single mini is about a month.

Professional Pictures

With miniature you'll get also professional taken pictures of model. Share it with your friends!

Worldwide Shipping

Miniatures delivered worldwide, to all corners of our World -Europe, Asia, Americas, Australia and Oceania, Africa.

Professional painted minatures just for you!

Painting pricing

As a rough quide, to give you a general idea how much does it cost I've put the table below (cost for 1 model).

€ 150+
Large Base Models (i.e. Ogres, Bikes, Cavalry) € 250+
Character/HQ Models (i.e. Space Marine hero)
€ 300+
Character/HQ Models on Horse or Bike € 350+
Character/HQ Models on Monster/Large Mount € 400+
Small Vehicles (i.e. Land Speeders,Deadnoughts, War Machines) € 500+
Large Vehicles/ Monstrous Creatures (Tanks, Dragons, Giants) € 600+
Large scale minis (54mm, 75mm, 90mm) € 500+
Big stuff (Titans, big dragons) € 1500+

Note: Rates are for the painting and other service itself and does not include the cost of the model(s). Prices are estimated and rates may vary slightly.

Resin/FDM 3d Printing

I have an resin 3d printer Phrozen Sonic Mini 4k and I can print miniatures in my studio too. If you like to print something just let me know. Quality is best one for miniatures. 0,01 mm layer height.

Also for larger prints I can offer FDM prints from varierty of materials like PLA, ABS, ASA etc. Quality great for terrains and larger objects printed usually at 0,1mm layer height.


I can paint miniatures as you like, you can chose style and theme or I can paint my own way. If you have any reference pictures or descriptions they will be very helpful to make personalised miniature that you like.


I do miniatures conversions. Starting from basic pose changing up to sculpting parts of miniature. I don't scuplt whole miniatures.

Painting time

It depend on miniature size, amount of details and its quality. Small 28mm miniature is about 1-2 weeks. Also bigger miniatures with less details can took simialar time to 1-2 weeks. A group of 5 minis like troops can take about a month. It's just an example because each miniature is different so it's very individual case.

Full painted armies can take months to paint depending on amount of miniatures. It's rather long term painting.


I would like to mention that items sent uninsured are entirely at your own risk and we cannot be held responsible for loss or damage during transit. Insurance would be extra so therefore please e-mail for a quote. I pack minis very carefully with bubblewrap and hardcarton - so they are really safe.
*For faster shipping like UPS or other courier services please send me an e-mail with quote about costs, prices in table are estimated.

Shipping Costs

Standard shipping EMS Courier* UPS Courier*
European Union € 10 € 60 € 100
Rest of Europe € 12 € 60 € 100
United States and Canada € 15 € 80 € 150
Australia and Oceania € 20 € 100 € 150
Rest of the world € 25 € 100 € 175


If you're interested in commission please drop a line at or use this contact form.

Delivery Time


Delivery duration depends on your location and usually take time displayed in table.

5-10 days
United States, Canada, Mexico 7-14 days
South America 7-14 days
Australia and rest of the World 7-21 days


To start work I'll need 25% commission value prepayment and money to buy miniatures (cost of miniatures + shipping to my location). You can supply your own miniatures or buy it yourself and place an order to my location.


I accept PayPal, TransferWise and bank transfer.

PayPal payments account: