Sturmgeschütz III (StuG III) painting tutorial

1-56-sturmgeschutz--painting-01Hello! Today I have a tutorial how I paint my Bolt Action German tanks. I’m also a player of this game so why not to share my way of painting. You can follow whole process on 1:56 Sturmgeschütz III. Enjoy!

1-56-sturmgeschutz--painting-02Let’s start with German Dark Yellow (Dunkelgelb) primer as base color.

1-56-sturmgeschutz--painting-03I mixed Desert Yellow with addition of Dead Flesh  (80/20%) to make nice sandy color. Dead Flesh remove a bit of saturation of Desert Yellow.

1-56-sturmgeschutz--painting-04Next step is to add first layer of camo – green one. I mixed Military Green with Heavy Green, also I add Retarder Medium and Airbrush Thinner to the mix. (75/10/5/10) I need thin paint with slow time of drying to manage painting such small lines. I paint it with low pressure and steady hand.

1-56-sturmgeschutz--painting-05Second part of camo is similar one like previous step. So mix Mhogany Brown, German Camo Black Brown, Retarder Medium and Aribrush Thinner (75/10/5/10) and paint.

1-56-sturmgeschutz--painting-06I add a protection layer of Gloss Varnish to prevent oil wash soaking.

1-56-sturmgeschutz--painting-07I mixed Dark Brown and Black oil paint thinned down with White Spirit and this mix was appiled on recess of the model.

1-56-sturmgeschutz--painting-09I cleaned up oil wash when it dry a bit, after couple of hours it’s not completly dry andl cleaning is much easier.

1-56-sturmgeschutz--painting-10After wash is dry I sprayed model with Matt Acrylic Varnish to remove shiny surface.

1-56-sturmgeschutz--painting-11You can ask why I didn’t place decals when model was glossy before – answer is simple, I didn’t want to make any damages on washed surface. Anyway it’s miniature for playing so it’s never too much of protection layers.  On places where decals will be appiled I sprayed Gloss Varnish.

1-56-sturmgeschutz--painting-12When decals are appiled clean, without any bubbles covered with decal I sprayed Matt Varnish.

1-56-sturmgeschutz--painting-13After varnish is dry I drybrushed model with Iraqui Sand.

1-56-sturmgeschutz--painting-14Second drybrush made with Pale Sand.

1-56-sturmgeschutz--painting-15I add chipping with sponge and using German Camo Black Brown.

1-56-sturmgeschutz--painting-16I add filter on decals to make them more faded. I used Sepia Ink and covered decals with thin layer.

1-56-sturmgeschutz--painting-17I painted rubber parts with mix of Black and Back Grey (90/10), Wooden parts with Heavy Sienna and metal stuff with Gunmetal Grey.

1-56-sturmgeschutz--painting-18I faded barrel end and smoke launchers with thin layer of Black.

1-56-sturmgeschutz--painting-19For tracks I used Plate Mail Metal Primer as basecoat, Gunmetal for main color.

1-56-sturmgeschutz--painting-20I washed tracks with Dark Grey Wash.

1-56-sturmgeschutz--painting-21You can also add pigments, dirt and other weathering additions but I prefer rather clean miniatures on wargaming table when you often touch minis. Also scale is not 1:35 where you can go with bigger size stuff and make it more spectacular :)





Thanks to Vallejo for paints! :)


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  1. Great looking tank and a nice step by step tutorial. I’m impressed with your control with the drybrush. I always have to highlight the edges with lines as I get messy drybrushed edges. Nice work.

    1. Thanks a lot :) Usually problems and mess with drybrush start when brush is not enough dry. When paint is too wet brush start making bad things. Wipe brush on paper towel and try to drybrush on paper, if brush doesn’t leave any marks it’s ready to use on model. Also pick thick paints for drybrushing and shake paints before use to have good consistency. Hope it help :)

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