Fantasy stair base painting

Hello! In this tutorial you can see how I paint stone surfaces. Base is mostly made of plaster and cork.

fantasy-base-tutorial-01First of all I primed whole base with Surface Primer Black. Before this step I masked wooden plinth with masking tape.

fantasy-base-tutorial-02First coat of grey with Sombre Grey.

fantasy-base-tutorial-03Second grey to build more highlight – Cold Grey.

fantasy-base-tutorial-04Third highlight with Stonewall Grey.

fantasy-base-tutorial-05I ended highlighting with warm color Bonewhite.

fantasy-base-tutorial-06Now it’s time to start building shadows. First thin layer of Violet Ink.

fantasy-base-tutorial-07Warmer, reddish shadows with Skin Wash Ink.

fantasy-base-tutorial-08To make rotten green just mix Sepia Ink and Green Ink

fantasy-base-tutorial-09Deeper and darker shadows using same mix as before with addition of Black Ink

fantasy-base-tutorial-10More retouching shadows with Sepia Ink.

fantasy-base-tutorial-11Colder shadows added with Blue Ink.

fantasy-base-tutorial-12First layer of drybrush with Heavy Bluegrey. I like Extra Opaque series for drybrushing because there is a lot of pigment and paints are much thicker than regular ones.

fantasy-base-tutorial-13Most raised edges drybrushed with Pale Sand.

fantasy-base-tutorial-14A couple of washes added in recess to enchance contrasts. I added them in mixes and pure from the bottle. I used Dark Grey, Light Rust and Dark Green.

fantasy-base-tutorial-15I used Matt Acrylic Varnish to make protection layer and a good matt base for pigments.

fantasy-base-tutorial-16I add some skulls to base, primed with Pale Sand, Sepia Ink and Dark Green Wash was used to make shadows and fit color scheme to base colors.

fantasy-base-tutorial-17Burnt Umber Pigment was used to make more color variations on base.

fantasy-base-tutorial-18Tiny roots you can find in a park was first painted with Sepia Ink later cut to desired size and placed with superglue.

fantasy-base-tutorial-19I add more foliage from MiniNatur manufacturer.

fantasy-base-tutorial-20One of latest steps was to add spiderwebs using my way of making it – with hairspray. Here you can find short video tutorial how to make spiderwebs with hairspray.

fantasy-base-tutorial-21Here is almost final result. I added later transparent resin into holes to make some water effects and a couple of small details such as rusty swords etc.


Thanks to Vallejo for paints! :)


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    1. Thanks a lot, hope you enjoyed! :)
      Yes, almost whole base is painted with airbrush. Only drybrush, pigments are done with brush.

  1. Cześć Łukasz
    Pamiętasz może , czy te liście , które użyłeś są dedykowane do skali 1:87 ?

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