Making brick molds

Hi everyone! Today I’ll show you how to make mold. I need a lot of bricks and I don’t want to buy any mold because I’m skimpy.

First what you need is a final product shapes. I use plasticard to make my own bricks and plates.

Place as many as you need. I use superglue to place my bricks and plates in my food box.

Ruler is for losers! I don’t use it! Never! :D

Now mix your pudding following instructions. Measure the proper ratios of silicone and hardener. Plastic cup is the best for mixing mold silicone, and wooden stick of course.  You can sing during flooding your food box. (Don’t eat this! It’s toxic!)

Relax, it’s near end.

See? I mixed silicone very well, it’s stupid, but I want to have molds like Citadel Fine Cast! With bubbles!

Now it’s time to wait until silicone is dry. I’ll show you tomorrow the rest of this tutorial. I don’t care about bubbles, this is an anti air siliocone, so tommorow it will be smooth surface.

*** UPDATE ***

After night mold is ready!

Take some plaster (or resin if you want :)

Fill mold… and…..

…wait until it dry.

Now bricks are ready to be placed on base or diorama.


Thank you for watching Fantasygames Fail Cast.

8 myśli na temat “Making brick molds

    1. Plasticard for brick models
      Food container from Ikea
      Mold silicone (Bluestar brand)
      Plaster (Dolina Nidy gips budowlany)
      That’s all ;)

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  2. Hello, I would love to ask you wheteher you had had to glue the plastic masters to the food container before you flooded it. Thank you : )

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