Sending minis

Hello! Here is a quick, little tutorial how to send mini with secured package.

You need some stuff to pack mini secured, it’s important because you want avoid annoying damages. As you know post officers usually ignoring fragile symbol ;)

Firstly pack all elements with bubblewrap.

Bubblewrap is not enough, I’m usually using food boxes to make additional armor, they’re cheap and durable.

Shoes box is very good to give additional protection. Fill it with old newspaper.

Pack your box with grey packaging paper and it’s ready. You can write an adress and send your mini.

Done! With package like this you don’t have to worry about anything, even evil post officer ;)

2 thoughts on “Sending minis

    1. I ususally think about transport before I assembly miniature, so I magnetize some elements, some are on pins and removable. It’s very helpful in transport, especially overseas shipping.

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