Workshop refreshment with HobbyZone

This year summer bring some new stuff. Long time I was using my paints, they was dirty and used. I was thinking about refreshing my paint palette and reorganising workplace.

First issue is to have comfortable paints with eyedropper. Easy to use, easy to shake with long bottle, easy to apply to airbrush and on wet palette. Generally my favorite paints are Acrylicos Vallejo Game Air especially when airbrushing. Second line of paints I pick was Vallejo Game Color – same reason as before. All Games Workshop Citadel paints goes to box with unused stuff waiting don’t know for what (probably landing in trash :)

P1190550Ok, paints chosen, so now it would be a nice idea to hold this all bottles somewhere.

For long time I was storing paints in aluminium cases. It has some good points – you can close case and put it in closet. Sometime it’s ok, also you can take it with you and go paint with friends outside studio. In practical view it’s much better to have all paints exposed and get easy access to any bottle. Best solution in my opinion is HobbyZone Large Paint Stand.

Stand can hold my whole palette of Vallejo paints (26mm bottles) – it’s soooo good! Love it. Assembly of stand was pretty fast and easy. Everything fit perfectly. Just fit all parts without glue and stand is ready to use. Just awesome!

I care a lot about my comfortable workplace because I’m spending there a lot of time so any improvement is highly recommended.


Here you can see a little part of my paints hold in HobbyZone Paint Stand. They fit perfectly in holes. For sure it won’t fall anywhere – even with my graceless waving hands. I’ve survived more than one paint and or flood so this solution is perfect for me!

P1190616Stand filled with even more paints. It’s getting all busy.

P1190813A little gallery that show a big difference in workshop comfortable use. No mess, no falling paints.

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For sure in future I’ll upgrade my workplace with new stuff from HobbyZone. Anyway just check out their website and find best professional Paint Stnads, Benchtop Organisers and many other useful things

hobbyzone-logoThank you guys for making my hard and graceless painters life easier! :D

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