Desert post-apo base

Hello, today I’ll show you how I painted base made for one of „Strike Force Five” models I got from

I was thinking some time about making various bases for this guy, my lazyness told me to use part of Barricades left after making other terrain. I just cut it with saw and placed on wooden plinth, added sand, single plastic bits and it’s ready to paint.


I primed base with Surface Primer Skeleton Bone.


Next I airbrushed barrels and cases with Beasty Brown, next Dark Fleshtone and Black. I want to chip them a bit so rusty colors are important.


I covered barrels and cases with Chipping Medium.


I add base colors Dead White, Dead Flesh and Goblin Green.


After paint is completly dry use brush with water to scrub, scratch and chip paint from rusty objects.


This is how does it look like after chipping.


Protect chipped areas with Matt Varnish to prevent further uncontrolled chipping. Chipping Medium is water soluble so it have to be covered with varnish before next steps.


Barrels need more rust, I add spots with Skin Wash Ink.



Little stones painted with Sombre Grey, next with Wolf Grey.


I like this base more desaturated and dusty. I airbrushed srpingly very thin layer of very dilluted Bonewhite and drybrushed sand with Pale Sand.


For stronger contrasts I used washes mixed together and separately appiled. Light Rust, Dark Grey and Dark Green.


More contrast was added with very thin layer of Black.


Drybrush with Pale Sand.


Brown Iron Oxide pigment used to make barrels even more rusty.


Oil stains was made of Gloss Varnish and a tip of Black. It’s about 4:1 proportions mix.


Border of base finally painted with Balck Primer.

desert-base-tutorial-17And here is final base, I added later a couple of skulls and a sign.

desert-base-tutorial-18 desert-base-tutorial-19 desert-base-tutorial-20 desert-base-tutorial-21

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Thanks for miniature to PuppetsWar and Vallejo for paints.puppetwars



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