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I want to show you today how to make wet palette. It’s rather very simple and very useful. Long time ago I use CD, plastic plates, palette from GW and other strange things to mix paints. Unfortunatelly all of this solutions was rather bad idea. On dry palette acrylic paint dry very fast and using glazes or very thinned paint is almost impossible. Of course you lose a lot of time for puting new paint on palette. I try once wet palette and it stay with me every time I paint.  It have many advantages and the most important is that you can left paint in closed wet palette for couple of days and after this you can use paints again, still wet. When you’re using custom paint mixes it’s very helpful.

How to make wet palette?

Buy some sweets with plastic box, it’s very important to buy rather flat and not very high box. Size depend on your needs, I have small and bigger boxes but I rather use the bigger one.

Now eat chocolate or share it with your girlfriend or friends.

When box is empty just put some paper towel on bottom part and add some water. It will protect your surface of drying baking paper.

…not to much, it should be wet, but not flooded.

And baking paper – it’s important to buy high quality paper wchich not left small pieces of mess on brush. Palette is ready for painting, just put some paint on baking paper surface and have fun with still wet paints! Forget about dry, muddy paint on plastic palettes.

Best solution is box with cover that prevent drying. Once I left my palette for one week and after this time paints were still wet.

Sometime I’m too lazy or I forgot to cover the box but next day morning everyhing is fine.

Here is an example how does it look like in use, behind the mini ;)

Hope this simple invention helps to improve your painting.

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  1. is there an alternative for baking paper?

    i checked several stores and all baking paper is 2 sided prepared with … silicon ( doesnt allow water to pass).

  2. Czy ma znaczenie ,którą stroną położysz papier do pieczenia na wilgotnych ręcznikach papierowych ?

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