Demon, Hunter – gold at Hussar 2011

Hi, I want to present you my entry to Hussar 2011 painting competition. I’m very happy that my work gain 1st award in diorama category. A lot of hours were worth to make this diorama. Additionaly only minis are bought for this project, base is scratchbuild from styrofoam, plaster, cork, sand and many, many other natural materials. Please click image to see full size! ;) Hope you like it!

Also, my skaven gain a little award – distinction in single fantasy category, and on the other hand  I gain 3rd place at Speed Painting competition, worse than previous year (2nd place) . It was really funny to start in competition like this, next year I want to get 1st place! ;)

6 thoughts on “Demon, Hunter – gold at Hussar 2011

  1. plany były dużo większe, miało być OSL od portalu, ale nie wystarczyło na to czasu ;(

  2. Are they alive? A lot of work and many hours spent on it!!! Beside great idea of making a portal with demons as hunters:> hope everybody understood this little coma in the name of diorama. ;) See it in the reality is unbeliveable, in that place thanks for so many so good pictures on the web.
    thanks and regards

  3. Gratulacje. Widziałem prace na żywo, szkoda tylko, że fatalnie było oświetlenie dobrane, prosto w oczy… No i sama diorama stała dość daleko. Ogólnie, pierwsza klasa, a gratulacje tym bardziej zasłużone, bo poziom był – moim zdaniem – wysoki, choć większość dioram była znacznie mniejsza wymiarowo;)

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