Warwitch Sirens

Two sweet girls to my army, painted rather not very high because I like to touch and play with them :)

Colors I used:

Clothes – this is main color to my cryx army color scheme, I use it mostly on models – for armour, and main parts of models. Previously I use bleached bone in this mix but finally white replace this one and add more impression of pale color. And dirty violet (Nightshade purple) fit very good for shadows and is easy to use with Coal Black. Everything is done with thin glazes of paint.

Base color / Midtones: Coal Black (P3)
Highlight: Morrow White (P3)
Shadows: Nightshade Purple (Reaper Master Series)

Gold – this is also very simple color list, without any strange things. I don’t paint this models for competitions but for playing so I have to find fast solution to paint lot of metallic elements.

Base: Old Gold (Vallejo alcohol metallizer)
Wash: Ogryn Flesh (GW)
Highlight 1: Shining Gold (GW)
Highlight 2: Shining Gold (GW) + Mithril Silver (GW)

Metal areas (without rust) – this time it’s simple enough :)
Base: Boltgun Metal (GW)
Wash: Devlan Mud (GW)
Highlight: Mithril Silver (GW)

Blood on blade
Tutorial about blood

Skin (violet) – only 3 colors used, also not very hard to execute.

Base: Oxford Blue (Vallejo Model Color) – this is more violet than blue :)
Highligts: White
Shadows: Nightshade Purple (Reaper Master Series)

Leather strings
Base: Khemri Brown
Wash: Devalan Mud
Highlight: Menoth White Base (P3) / Bleached Bone (GW)

That’s all :) Hope it helps!

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  1. Hi again,
    Both beautyful ladies.
    If it’s not asking too much, may I have a step by step of the colours used?

    Thanks, You’ll be helping a lot.

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