Turquoise stone tutorial

Hi, some people ask me to write this tutorial, I got pictures but I don’t have time to do it earlier.


First of all I make a texture over my surface using not very good mixed chaos black primer, so thinner reacted with plastic and bring textured plastic. You can see it very good on first picture.
Next I paint buggy with Hawk Turquoise (GW), and highlighted it with mix of turquoise mixed with Bleached Bone (GW).

Next stage was adding thin cracks with Graveyard Earth (GW).

Now highlights under cracks with Bleached Bone (GW)


After highlights I add some mess with watered down Graveyard Earth (GW). But it must be added very carefully not to cover to much our lines.

I add some stronger (deeper) cracks with Scorched Brown (GW) and the deepest with addition of Black.

Last stage was to add some rainmarks to cracks, I use again watered down Graveyard Earth (GW) and make very thin and sharp lines.

That’s all ;)

3 thoughts on “Turquoise stone tutorial

  1. Swietny tutorial !
    Chcialem zapytac jakim kolorem robiles highlight ??
    z gory dzieki

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