Terrain tutorial (Part 2)

Hi there! This time I’ll show You something simple and useful I hope ;) This part is smaller than part 1, but here I presenting a solution for customizing table.

I want to have my logo on my wargaming table, so I print it on paper and I cut it in styrofoam. I put some nails to get steady and good placed position.

As you can see I’ve got very rough texture. I use plaster to get smooth surface. I add also some skulls. Why not to add them everywhere? :)

Next step is to cover terrain with sand and small rocks like in part 1 of this tutorial.

Painting black undercoat.

And after planting grass and painting background for dirt. I use Vallejo Still Water mixed with Tamyia XF-1 Clear red to get bloody pond.

See? It’s Easy!

Hope you now know more about building terrains and customizing your battlefield :) In future I’ll add next tutorials about terrains.

As you can see my wargaming table is close to finish. I hope..


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