Skaven beast

Hi there, I want to show you something. For 3 years of  my painting I always use greenstuff as a putty, maybye I was not ready to do something more with it. Couple days ago I bought vampire counts zombie dragon and pack of greenstuff because I want to have unique skaven miniature. I use main parts of the dragon as a base for my skaven beast. You can see results below.  It was quite fun with sculpting. It’s my first sculpt, so, please be gentle :) Whole sculpting and looking for bits take about 3 days. I’m very proud of it. Now, it’s time to paint this puppy. Also I use my brick mold to produce some brick for base.

..and basecoat

Hope you like it! It’s propably not my first and the last sculpt with skaven symbols ;)

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  1. Its pretty cool man..and even more considering it was ur first sculpt…. maybe the thing i like least r the goat -like hooves i know the old vermin lord came with hooves too… but i allways thought the didnt match the ratmen…but besides that a very good one!

  2. Yo…
    I really like your skaven converion and I have one simple question: how do you do basecoat, do you use airbrush or just ordinary spray?

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