River trolls skin

I’d like to present my new minis for my O&G army. Nothing special, just simple tabletops :) Very fast painted (about 3h per finished mini).

Here is one finished troll, below You can find mini tutorial how to paint skin.

I have painted skin very simple. First I basecoated mini with black and white horizontal light. Next I mix Knarloc greenĀ  (gw) with Gretchin green (gw) 50/50 and paint trolls from above using airbrush. Next I appiled Tharka green wash (gw) on whole model – You can see it above on first on the left river troll. I rehighlighted my base with Knarloc green and after highlight I add Camo green to Knarloc green (20/80), and again, and again to pure Camo green (second river troll on photo). Now it’s time for more highlights of Rotting flesh. I mixed Camo green with Rotting Flesh (80/20) to get more light, and the same as previously I add more Rotting flesh to the mix. After highlighting I got not very saturated river troll and I want to get jucy and grassy green so I glaze Dark Angels Green into most recess areas. It’s done!

Troll party!

Hope You like it! ;)

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    1. No, only basecoat was airbushed. Now I’ll highlight it with airbrush because I have more precise hand :)

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