Mini bottles

Hi! Yesterday I have an idea to make some glass bottles to my mini desert scene. I found some transparent plastic rod and it was great material.
First is what we need:
1. Lighter with kitty,
2. sharp knife,
3. plastic rod.

2. Grab some plstic.

3. Heat rod with lighter (Beware! Kitty is watching!) in middle and carefully stretch the rod and form bottleneck.

4. Cut bottle to desired size.

5. Heat scalpel and form rest of bottleneck.

6. Now bottle is ready! You can add bottle label. For base I use newspaper “glued” with matt varnish.

7. Now run to your friends and show your mini bottle!

8. Thanks for watching :)

5 thoughts on “Mini bottles

  1. [PL] Bruuuuum bruuuuuuuum :d
    hahahahaah, I’ve got new J├Ągermeister labels for bootles….

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