Puppet Master

Hi there, I just want to show you my lastest work – mini diorama with Heinrich Kemmler and zombies on graveyard. I really enjoyed this little scene. Some leaves, spider webs, blood, OSL and many other relaxing things. Hope you like it!

5 thoughts on “Puppet Master

  1. Beautiful! Did you first paint the zombies “normally,” then add the ethereal airbrushing over the top of that? And what colors of green are you using in the ethereal effect?

    Thanks much, love the site — so much inspiration here!

    1. I’m glad that you found some inspiration here ;) How to paint zombies? First I painted them normally, next I add green midtone (very thin paint) on them using airbrush. Shadows and light was done with traditional brush. Base green is Lievery Green (Vallejo Game Color), lights are white and lievery green, and shadows from Apple Green (Windsor&Newton Ink). The key is to use very saturated colors to OSL or saturate them later, after light and shadows are done.

  2. Thank you for the tips! I’m going to use them on my next Vampire Counts project. Love the site.

  3. Your lighting effects are crazy, on top of everything else. You have amazing skills and I love coming to this site to see your work. I hope it is as fulfilling for you as it is inspiring to others.

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