Mammoth tank WIP

Still working with my nurgle great tank – I’m looking for some inspiration to make it more bloody, rusty and dirty ;)
One of my inspiration is this picture below and C&C: Red Alert memories. Propably all C&C players remember this tank…

2 myśli na temat “Mammoth tank WIP

  1. Hey there, boywas i glad to see your last post dated this year in another article.

    How did this project go?

    May i ask which turret you used for this beast?

    1. Uhmmm… project goes… Well, it stuck in some stage and it’s left abandoned somewhere in a box.. :D Turret is made of normal Stormlord turret cut off from hull and converted to movable piece. Two barrels from the kit (I have one spare from previous tank). Maybe some day I’ll finish him but it’s very far future..

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