Preparing resin minis to paint


First of all you have to remove all mold infusion very hevily decorating parts of bomber 'miniature’. Best way to do this is to go outside with hobby drill (with elastic wire) and mount cutting disc.

There will be a lot of flying dust so wear dust mask and safety glasses to avoid injuries. Very good thing is to wear old clothes, not a ceremonial suit or even casual clothes. Dust will be everywhere so prepare to be white.



Without hobby drill it’s rather hard to remove resin blocks like this one below without damaging parts.


Allright, all blocks and mold lines are removed so now it’s a good idea to wash all parts in warm water.


I use dishwashing detergent and old toothbrush. All fat, dust and other dirty things will be removed after short shower. So primer will stick very well to all surfaces.


You can also expect deformed parts like this one (it’s Forge World, so it’s expensive – expect highest quality! Wtf is going on?)


But don’t be affraid. Just put it in hot water and wait a moment. After couple of seconds or a bit longer resin will be more like a rubber so reshaping is not so hard. When part is ok put it in cold water to harden.


Washed parts and straighten! Yeah, looking better.



Now – assembly part. How to glue three big blocks of resin? I think only good way to do this is to pin surfaces and use stong glue like Poxipol or other epoxy resin glue.


I put two long pins into cockpit part and make surface rough to make stronger connection between parts and glue.


I placed two wires before I put glue because it’s hard to find holes under non-transparent glue surface.


Glue is on so now I removed wires and put together middle parts and wing. The same on both sides.


Bomber is assembled, before I paint primer I removed carefully my fingerprints from parts using alcohol and paper towel to make sure that aircraft is clean and ready for spraying.



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  1. A very good tutorial! Apparently the base but it is worth to remember them. Preparing figures before painting is very important.
    POXIPOL (gray) is one of my favorite glue :)

  2. I’ve made my mistake with Bull Rhinox Riders. Didn’t wash them and after painting on few places whole paint with primer just peeled – traumatic experience

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