Ogre Kingdom Ironblaster

It’s a commission work, my first thing when I saw this miniature in Ogre Kingdom codex was „what the f…….?”   but it was only first impression. Model is very detailed and have unique shape. Hull is constructed of imperial stuff adding a lot of fun for painting ;) New GW plastic models are really cool. Here are answers how to make snow and icicles.

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  1. Dear Friend, I admire your work, you are a great artist. I have one question from Spain: Can you tell me how can I put snow in the miniature? I don´t want to know how make snow bases, I want to know how I must glue snow to the miniature for simulate a blizzard. Maybe I use gloss varnish or pva glue? Thanks for your attention :)

    1. I’m using mainly Still Water from Vallejo mixed with water and baking soda. It looks more watered down than here https://fantasygames.com.pl/blog/snowy-base-with-tree-bark/ . Next I take old brush and airbrush, put some mixture on brush and with short air blows apply it on model.
      Mix of baking soda, still water and water is better than gloss varnish because it dry slower.
      PVA glue is very good for bigger surfaces, for terrains, I never tried to put mix of PVA glue on model.
      Now I’m testing winter scenery with crushed glass, so soon I’ll show results of this little experiment.
      Hope it help :)

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