Lamenters checker and heart

Today I’ll show you how I paint Lamenters chapter symbol on Land Raider side.

I use Tamyia masking tape cutted to checker with sharp hobby knife. It’s 0,5 cm size.

I paint first white undercoat. Using hobby knife I put checker pattern on Land Raider.

Next airbrushed black.

Masking is not needed now so carefully remove tape.

I’ve got this funny round shaper, I don’t remember from where but it’s quite useful. Draw cricle on paper tape depending on your will.

10 mm was not good, so I draw 12mm round. Next I cut it with hobby knife.

Put tape on checker.

Spray white.

Paint black border.

Heart shape. I improve it later, firstly it was too tiny.

I paint a bit bigger heart and blood drop.

After weathering It look quite nice.

Hope you like it!

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