How to make a desert base?

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I’m ARBAL (Michał Walczak) and I am the author of Coloured Dust blog. For several months I mention the C’tan experience, opinions, ideas and suggests the ideas at work. We also had the opportunity to meet in person in my hometown.

Courtesy of Lukasz, today I will be able to present you one of my tutorials, and invite you to visit my blog and Facebook profile. So let’s get started!


Prepare a pedestal as I described in my article How to make a simple but good-looking socket? This time I painted it with an acrylic, matt black paint.

Protect the sides of the pedestal from damage or dirt by strip.

Cover the surface by PVA glue. If you do not use glue, after drying, the mass falls off from the surface of the base.

To create the effect of cracked, dry, desert land, we will use a special weight company called Viva Decor „Facetten-Lack.” This mass is a wide range of colors available. I used white but you can add to it acrylic paint and create your own color.








Before the glue dries, cover the base by mass. The thicker layer superimpose weight, the cracks get bigger. I put on a layer with a thickness of about 2-3mm.

15 minutes later …

A few hours later …
Instruction proposes to allow the weight to dry for 24 hours. You can speed up the drying process for several minutes using a hair dryer. Experiment.

Now you have to paint the base. The choice of colors is up to you. Apply white primer.

Paint the entire surface color Rakarth Flesh (Dheneb Stone).

Fill slots wash Agrax Earthshade (Devlan Mud).

The technique of dry brush coat the entire surface of the color of Balor Brown (Sneakebite Leather).

The technique of dry brush coat the entire surface of the color Ushabti Bone (Bleached Bone).

The technique of dry brush coat the entire surface of a small amount of color White Scar (White Skull).

In a further step, we use the pigment Vallejo – Burnt Sienna (73 106).








With large brush distribute over the entire surface of the pigment so as to thoroughly fill all the gaps. Then pour the entire surface Cleanser Ipa or company MIG Pigment Fixer to fix the pigment. Wait until everything is dry.

Paint Ushabti Bone (Bleached Bone), and then White Scar (Skull White) gently lighten all the edges of cracks.

In a further step, we use the pigment Vallejo – Light Yellow Ochre (73 102) mixed with Cleanser Ipa or company MIG Pigment Fixer.






Apply a wet pigment with a small brush, precisely the same cracking.

The last step will cover everything with matte varnish by spray or airbrush.
You can use this method on the base to the figures at any given scale.

Have fun painting,
Coloured Dust

2 myśli na temat “How to make a desert base?

  1. THX for showing. I only knew the death earth paste from ZITERDES. Looks as if this is the same stuff but just alot cheper :-)
    Did you use any of ther special primer that they are trying to sell with this product or only the PVA glue underneath as I read it in the tutorial?

    cheers Lutz

  2. I used only PVA, It works great and is cheap. Note, however please note that I did it all on a wooden stand. I think the plastic will also be OK.

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