Vertigo Cup 2012 competition report

Pavol invited us for the Vertigo Miniatures – historical + fantasy, sci-fi miniatures and vechicles competition in Banská Bystrica. as it was about 250 km from Cracow so we decided to go.

That day weather really sucks! It was rainig all the time so we drove rather slow, but after about 4-5 hours driving across Tatra Mountains we finally came a little bit late. We registered our minis and went upstairs to a display hall. There we’d met with a great idea to sort all the miniatures according to categories and separated tables for figurines.

There were about 200 miniatures (We didn’t count them), but you might say quite a lot. We met some well known painters as well as sculptors and modellers.  Level of works was very high, tanks, planes, dioramas and of course figurines and many other great stuff. Really worth to see.

All the guys were nice and very helpful. They showed us the way to some restaurant nearby where we were sitting with a guy whom we didn’t know, but we had a long and amusing chat. We want to try traditional food like 'haluszki’ (don’t know if I spell it correctly) but there was no one restourant in the nearest part of Banská Bystrica. Next time we have to try haluszki! :)
We ate some Bryndza with potatoes and some other casual food. It was quite good. After dinner we  went back to competition place, took some pictures and talked with modellers, sculptors and other visitors.



1st place – F3 – figures fantasy
1st place – F4 – figures sci-fi
1st place – F5 – figures Warhammer
Special awards:
1st place – F3 Vertigo Cup fantasy figures
1st place – F4 Vertigo Cup sci-fi figures
Black Dog award – Best diorama or vignete all scale


3rd place – F4 Vertigo Cup sci-fi figures

Some trophies :)


Our plan was to go back after competition to Cracow but we didn’t. That was pretty amazing – guys from Slovakia invited us to afterparty in house located in Špania Dolina on a big mountain surrended by forest.  In the house was waiting whole table of food – susages, tomatoes, cheese, peppers, cucumbers, bread, lot of beer, and other drinks, and of course main dish PRASIAK! (whole roasted pig). There was plenty of fantastic miniatures and people whose hobbies are connected with them.  You could touch (bases of course) and see from small distance wonderful works and had a great opportunity to discuss methods and materials used. It seems that Polish, Czech and Slovak languages sound similar so we talked to each other in a mix of three of them. (You know, after a few cups of voodka everything is possible :)))

Many thanks for great opportunity to meet you guys and to take part in such a fantastic event!
So, see you next year or maybe sooner in Poland!

Ctan and antoinette

My set of pictures
(below you can find more because I was too busy to take more pics :) – thread, pictures of Vertigo Cup 2012


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