Forest basing and painting

Hello! Today I’d like to present you another step-by-step tutorial with basing and painting forest theme. I wanted to have rather dead, dark forest so don’t expect too much flowers :)

forest-basing-tutorial-011. My basing materials – some cork, wooden plinth, resin details from Werewoolf Miniatures.

forest-basing-tutorial-022. I glued cork and tree using superglue. Bones are placed on adhesive putty to deatach it before glueing soil and rocks.

forest-basing-tutorial-033. I placed some river rocks also using superglue.

forest-basing-tutorial-044. Next dry earth also glued with thin superglue. You can also use white PVA glue but when you care about time use superglue.

forest-basing-tutorial-055. Bones on place.

forest-basing-tutorial-066. I add some natural roots working as branches.

forest-basing-tutorial-077. Painting time – first basecoat layer with Black Primer.

forest-basing-tutorial-088. I aibrushed from zenithal position mix of 50/50 Cold Grey and Sombre Grey.

forest-basing-tutorial-099. Further light added with pure Cold Grey.

forest-basing-tutorial-1010. Some warmer tones added using Sepia Ink.

forest-basing-tutorial-1111. More tones added using mix of Violet Ink and Black Ink.

forest-basing-tutorial-1212. I airbrushed Olive Green Wash around ground surface.

forest-basing-tutorial-1313. Maximal shadows were done using Black.

forest-basing-tutorial-1414. I drybrushed base using Heavy Brown and Heavy Bluegrey.

forest-basing-tutorial-1515. Additional turquoise tone added with mix of Black Green Ink and Violet Ink.

forest-basing-tutorial-1616. Basecoat for bones was airbrushed with Bonewhite.

forest-basing-tutorial-1717. I add a soft blending on bones using Khaki.

forest-basing-tutorial-1818. Wash made of Black Green Ink, Sepia Ink and Matt Varnish was appiled on bones and cutted branches.

forest-basing-tutorial-1919. I added more light on bones using firstly Heavy Brown, later Iraqui Sand and for extreme lights Pale Sand.

forest-basing-tutorial-2020. Foliage from MiniNatur.

forest-basing-tutorial-2121. After placing pieces of leaves and grass using superglue I airbushed them a bit to desaturate colors because still want to have dark climate of my base. Heavy Brown and Sepia Ink was sprayed on leaves in very thin layer.

forest-basing-tutorial-2222. Base is almost done, I’ll put there a couple of smaller details such as mushrooms and other forest stuff.

forest-basing-tutorial-2323. Hope you like it! :)

Thanks to Werewoolf Miniatures for basing stuff!


Thanks to Vallejo for paints!


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