Cape painting tutorial

Hello, some time ago I have show you cape of my Chosen Lord and a couple of guys asked me to write tutorial.


So – here it is.

P3 – Privater Press Fromula P3
VMC – Vallejo Model Color
RMS – Reaper Master Series



1. I basecoated cape with Coal Black (P3) highlighted with Desert Sand (RMS)


2. Paint thick line using mix of Coal Black (P3) + Black


3. I repaint line inside highlighting it with Coal Black + Desert Sand (RMS) and leaving darker outlines


4. Then I paint strings using Desert Sand (RMS) + a bit of Coal Black (P3), it was very light color, so Coal Blakc is only addition.


5. Next almost pure Desert Sand (RMS)


6. I put shadows in recess using Coal Black (P3) + Black, it was very thin glazes


7. I add warmer shadows from Smoke (VMC)


8. Lights added with dots and very thin lines of Morrow White (P3) and enchanced shadows with Smoke (VGC) + Black


Cape is done, I covered it with Vallejo Satin Varnish to unify color 'shining’ and make surface smooth.


Here is comparison of painted and basecoated cloak. Hope you find this tutorial helpful. Don’t worry If you don’t have this colors, it work with other colors too ;) Good luck!

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  1. Great tut. I love it. Hope some times my paintjob looks so good.
    I like your green power weapons. Can you explain the paint and worksteps ?

  2. Hi, love your tutorial. Can i know what did you use to apply the paint at the start. Is it by airbrush or hand painted?

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