Again, some stuff from Hasslefree Minis, my fav babes (not sure if I told you that before :D). Taxxis, bad witch squeezing some bloody stuff in hand. Blood drop is hold on place with hair with some cyanoacrylic glue and then painted with Tamyia Clear red. It was a really pleasure to paint this piece. Hope you like it!


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    1. Hello Ellis, it’s archieved by using grey-violet, grey-blue and grey-green tones, in most recess is blue, midtones are mostly made of violet-grey and highlights are made of light pale blue up to bleached bone. Fastest way is to paint whole mini black and white and next add tones with very, very thin glazes. Longer way is to mix small amoutnts of blue, violet, green to grey during painting. Hope it help.

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