Some afternoon WIPs…

Working with this guys is really ok. I like this color sheme – very desaturated colors with color accents. Rotting flesh… blood and other crap….. Still going forward with work.

a little color guide, how I paint them…

boltgun metal

1. bestial brown
2. scorched brown
3. black

highlight (glaze)
1. boltgun metal
2. chrome (Vallejo Air Color)

paint chips:

battledress green (P3)

1. battledress green (P3) + oxford blue (VGC)
2. add stormy blue (VGC) to previos mix
3. add tip of black to previos mix

1. battledress green (P3) + Thrall Flesh (P3) up to pure Thrall Flesh
2. Thrall Flesh (P3) + Ivory (VGC)
3. White

additional midtones (glaze):
Meridius blue (P3) or Dark Flesh (GW) randomly added to shadows

rotting meat:
1. Dark Flesh (GW)
2. Ember Orange (P3)
3. Golden Yellow (GW)
4. Golden Yellow (GW) + Ivory (VGC)

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  1. The Plague Bearers are looking really good. Do you mind discussing in more detail how you painted them? I currently have a load of Plague Bearers I’ve never got round to painting and your example makes me want to dust them off and break out the brushes.

    1. I add some short instructions of colors that I used :) I’m planning to do step by step with photos. Maybye on next week.

  2. Koniecznie uczyń to bo bombowi są :D urzekli mnie, a szykuje mi się taka 40 to chętnie bym co nieco podpatrzył :D

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