Red Scorpions Rhino

Finished rhino with freehanded Red Scorpions symbols, it got ‘first cut’ at Hussar 2013 painting competition. Hope you like it!


4 thoughts on “Red Scorpions Rhino

  1. Great job on Rhino and Achilles. What colors were used on the grey green?


    1. Thanks, I used mix of Tamyia olive acrylic colors, but can’t remember sequence and proportions. Tamyia have a lot of military colors, perfect for olive, dark green, dark grey schemes.

  2. On one of your previous posts you use Sybarite Green with White for the Headlight OSL, I was wondering what you have used here? Thanks!

    1. No, it was some kind of blueish tone, unfortunatley I don’t remember what paint I used :(

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