Red paints comparison chart

Hello, today I’ll show you red paints chart I made to better show differences in red paints available in most modellers/hobby shops. So, here is list of paints I used:

  • Blood Red (Games Workshop), no longer produced
  • Pure Red (Army Painter)
  • Blood Red (Reaper Master Series)
  • Khador Red Base (P3)
  • Khorne Red (Games Workshop)
  • Mephiston Red (Games Workshop)
  • Mecharite Red (Games Workshop), no longer produced
  • Skorne Red (P3)
  • Flat Red (Mr. Hobby)
  • X-27 Clear Red (Tamyia), transparent paint
  • Red Ink (Games Workshop), transparent paint, no longer produced
  • Red Ink (Vallejo Game Color), transparent paint
  • Deep Red (Reaper Master Series)

I used airbrush and mask to spray on a white thicker paper. So here are results (just click on image to see full-size):


And paints next to chart.



There are some differences, some of them are more pinkish, some more brownish, sometime with addition of violet.  So all in all you can now chose color you like the most. Also if you want to have more accurate names ask girlfriend, wife or any woman to name it :D

3 thoughts on “Red paints comparison chart

  1. What a useful job you done, thank you. Missin Evil Sunz Scarlett, but not too important. Thank you again.

    1. I dont have this paint in my workshop but I tried to show whole spectre of red paints. I`m glad that you find it useful :)

  2. Thanks! This is really useful when trying to match colors from other manufacturers. Appreciate the time you took to do this!

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