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    1. Thank you!
      I like only this old metal plaguebearers, new one are in less ugly style in my opinion.

  1. Pretty cool display of sick/death flesh. I might be wrong, but they look like they were painted using the same technique you used on one plaguebearer a couple of weeks ago (washes only). If so, can you tell us how much time it took to paint those? It looks to me like it could be faster than using paint…

    1. Yes, it’s painted only with GW glazes and washes + white paint. Faster…. don’t know, 1 guy this way take about 4h so it’s quite fast. You can try to play with white basecoat and glazes+washes. Start from lightest colors and go step by step to darkest shadows. It’s something different than usuall highlighting.

  2. Hey :)

    Its Michael from Germany, we met at the Hussar in Poland! I hope you had no trouble to get your sword through customs ;)

    Awesome work (as usual) that you show here – great great art!

    Hope to see you at the Chrystal Brush next year!

  3. Fantastic job!

    I’m really interested in knowing how you made that violet/blue bruising on the hand of the plaguebearer furthest to the right in the last picture? That is model is the best plaguebearer I have ever seen.

    Is it just washes or did you apply a base of dark blue first?

    1. Thanks Alexander!
      Here you can see colors I used to paint this guys: fantasygames.com.pl/blog/plaguebearer/. 3 glazes from GW, black and white. I start from white background color and softly glazing from birghtest glazes to darkest. There is many layers of thin glazes. I also mix them in variety of ways – same as you can mix base colors (red, blue, yellow). Guys from left have or even dont have yellow glaze and on the right are heavily saturated with yellow and warmer colors.

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