Nurgle Sorcerer

Finally I found some time to take some shots of my sorcerer, I painted it some time ago but I forgot about him and he left long time in a cabinet with other guys. It’s miniature for my nurgle 40k army. I do not highlight it to much because I wanted to make him old, dirty and dark. What a pity that this mini doesn’t have exposed guts or sth else from belly.. Maybe next sorcerer will have one. Hope you like it!


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  1. brilliant paint job! If you don’t mind me asking how were the spider webs done ? Also at some point I think it would be great if you did a tutorial or two on some of the different freehand symbols you do on the display bases, I love the nurgle symbol you did on this one but even more the ultramarine symbol you did on the recent Cato Sicarius mini, i’d love to see how you went about doing them! Just mind boggling painting skill though :o

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