Kastelan Step-by-step

Hello! I’ve got for you tutorial how I painted Mechanicum Kastelan Robots. I just wanted to paint some mech and my choice was this little fellas. So, just check it out.

First of all Surface Primer is most important thing before paints go on.

kastelan-robots-mechanicum-tutorial-01Basecoat of Neutral Grey, it will be visible under scratches and weathered paint of main colors.

kastelan-robots-mechanicum-tutorial-02Thin layer of Gloss Varnish to protect basecoat.

kastelan-robots-mechanicum-tutorial-03Chipping Medium before main colors.

kastelan-robots-mechanicum-tutorial-04Main body color, first coat of Tan Yellow, then Iraqui Sand.

kastelan-robots-mechanicum-tutorial-05Second, olive color Heavy Grey and later Dead Flesh.

kastelan-robots-mechanicum-tutorial-06Using water, brush and toothpick I scratched minis a bit. Use no too much water to have more contol under scratching.

kastelan-robots-mechanicum-tutorial-07I coated minis again with Gloss Varnish before placing decals.

kastelan-robots-mechanicum-tutorial-08Again, Gloss Varnish on decals to protect them. After it dry I washed minis with  Brown Wash for German Dark Yellow.

kastelan-robots-mechanicum-tutorial-09After wash is dry I sprayed thin layer of Matt Varnish. Remember that anytime you spray varnish it should be very thin layer to protect sharpness of miniature details.

kastelan-robots-mechanicum-tutorial-10I mixed Skin Wash and Black ink and sprayed it into shadows and rivets.

kastelan-robots-mechanicum-tutorial-11Using Gunmetal I painted larger metal surfaces and Chainmail Silver for rivets.

kastelan-robots-mechanicum-tutorial-12I washed metallics with Black ink mixed with Blue and water in raito 1:2:3.

kastelan-robots-mechanicum-tutorial-13After wash is dry I painted helmets with Black and Rust for backpack.

kastelan-robots-mechanicum-tutorial-14I washed brass with 2:2:1 raito Blue, Dark Green and Black ink.

kastelan-robots-mechanicum-tutorial-15To highlight I used Rust, later Rust + Silver and after this steps I add patina with Green Sky. You can see better results on next picture.


kastelan-robots-mechanicum-tutorial-17I higlighted edges and added scratches with Pastel Green.

kastelan-robots-mechanicum-tutorial-18For „faces” I used first a thin layer of Emerald.

kastelan-robots-mechanicum-tutorial-19I painted small rounds, later borders and highlighted them with Emerald + White.

kastelan-robots-mechanicum-tutorial-20Black ink was used as a shadow for glass surface. White and Emerald to make thin border around.

kastelan-robots-mechanicum-tutorial-21Later I colorized barrels with mix of Violet, Blue Metallic and Black.





Thanks to Vallejo for paints! :)


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  1. Great Tutorial!

    Thanks so much, big fan :)
    1. Why „black” as a primer and not grey?
    2. What does step „Gloss Varnish ” and step „Chipping Medium”?

    Thanks again :)
    Don P

    1. I put first black primer and later sprayed only from above with grey, then you have nice shaded grey. You can also use grey primer (Panzergrey for example), it mostly depend of effect you desire :)
      Gloss varnish protect previous surfaces from scratching and chipping. Chipping medium is a kind of medium that is water soluble, even if dry. When you paint it you can use wet brush or toothpick to make scratches on paint. You can check difference before and after in tutorial. Hope it help ;)

  2. Hi, Did you brush or spray the chipping medium onto the figures? I’m new to airbrushing and not sure if putting chipping medium into the airbrush is a good idea or not. Great tut and the figures look awesome, thinking of going green with mine.

    1. Hi Gro, I use airbrush to apply chipping medium, you can stir it when too thick and control precisely amount of medium painted on mini. It’s much easier than applying with a brush.

      1. Hi C’tan, Ok I’ll give it a try, as it’s a reasonable thick liquid I’ll use the 0.4mm needle. Maybe test it on one first. Thanks very much.

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