Human skin painting tutorial

Hello, long time without tutorials, finally I found some time to manage this work ;)

Please don’t care too much about brand, just take similar color if you don’t have this on picture. Here is my paint list I used:

  • Mecharite Red
  • Tallarn Flesh
  • Kislev Flesh
  • Desert Sand (almost same as Bleached Bone)
  • White
  • Reikland Flesh Shade
  • Druchii Violet


Ok, so let’s start. Put Mecharite Red to airbrush and spray solid coat of color on skin.



Next mix Mecharite Red with Tallarn Flesh 50/50 and spray from above. Paint will highlight only raised areas.



Finally use pure Tallarn Fleash, still spraying from above.


Now Kislev Flesh and next Desert Sand also sprayed from above. It’s very important to spray on low pressure not to spray too much and cover previous layers.



Ok, here is fun, now we have pretty pale skin. Let’s saturate it a bit using Reikland Flesh sprayed from under. Skin should be darker and more saturated.


Leave and clean up airbrush, it won’t be necessary now. Take a brush with sharp tip and rehighlight raised areas with Kislev Flesh up to pure Desert Sand. Use very thin layers of paint, lot of water and slowly build transitions with glazes.


I saturated skin a bit more using Reikland Flesh glazes.


More shadows were done with Durchii Violet. Only in most recessed areas. Also most raised areas got White spots to make skin more shiny.


That’s all, skin is ready. Below you can see my wet palette after work is done. Now is time to finish rest of miniature! :)



Hope it was helpful and you’ll have some inspiration to find own skin mixes!



Here is finished minature and rest of pics here – Barbarian.


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  1. Brilliant. I’m going to try this the next free time I get. It just makes sense and the results are fantastic.

  2. Thanks for the tutorial! I’ve struggled with shading skin correctly but I’ll be pulling this back up next time. The finished model is very striking.

  3. This is a really good tutorial! Skin is always one of the things I struggle with if I try to paint high level. I will try this for sure!

  4. What are you using to thin your paint? I read many things about breaking surface tension.
    Thank you for taking the time to post these tutorials, you and massive voodoo are fantastic inspiration.

    1. Thanks PsyCrow!
      Usually I use just pure water from tap – without any mediums, superb liquids, magic additions. Some time ago I was using Vallejo thinner medium but I don’t really know if it works. You know, it’s usually useless stuff. Maybe it improve paint flow, adds magic sparks but I think that water is just enough :D

  5. Lovely Thanks. I’ve never managed to get a nice skin, but after i tested this tut the got superb, even if you follow the steps with a brush. :)

    1. Sure, there is no problem to paint it with a brush, only difference is a time of painting :) I’m very happy that it’s useful for you!

  6. I have this miniature that I am converting to the Conan from the 2011 movie. This tutorial has been invaluable! So easy to follow. The results this produces, even if you do it with a brush instead of an airbrush are striking. I used the citadel green wash for shadowing and produced a more Frank Frazetta(SP) look. Thank you SO much!

    1. Not quite, you can paint this way with brush but with airbrush is much faster to archieve good results.

    1. Hi, not a lot, as much as needed. You have to control how much paint goes on mini to leave previous layers. As you can see on the pictures.

  7. Looks amazing, thanks so much for posting! What pressure was the airbrush? Did you use the same airbrush throughout?

  8. Desert sand looks like white here, i hve available to buy ammo mig desert sand but its more yellow than this, what other options there are?

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