H&S Infinity

After long time of using my Paashe VSR90 it’s time to get new, better tool. This was a spontaneous purchase, but I do not regret.

I was pretty happy of my old airbrush, but I want more! More! Smaller dot, more precision. I know that all thing that I can do with H&S Infinity I can do also with Paashe. It’s not the same – Infinity is more accurate for really mini works and Paashe is better for bigger projects.

Paashe VSR90


Soon I can tell you more about this new toy, some test lines and other fantastic things that you can do easily with Infinity, maybye some little airbrushing tutorial ;) Soon I’ll see. Now I’m just happy.

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  1. C’tan Hello, I wanted to ask if you know tell me a site where to buy a airbrush at a good price. thanks :)

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