How to make Purity Seals

I need some purity seals but I don’t have bits like this one. Here is a simple way to make your own purity seals.
Only what you need is greenstuff, scissors, plasticard, and pencil or pen. Thanks to Nazroth for idea how to made it simple ;)

Cut some rectangles from plasticard and make some greenstuff balls.

Place greenstuff in right position.

Press ball with pencil.

Ok, it’s almost done ;)

Make as many as you need and wait until greenstuff will harden.

Now paint it and place on model. That’s all ;)

Hope that this little tutorial will help. Sometimes simple ways are hardest to find.

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  1. I think remy tramblay did it with aluminium instead of platicard, its a bit more manageable. I woold also suggest making a mould of a real purity seal, so you get a little more detail. I tried it, and it worked a charm.

  2. Yes, that’s a good idea to use aluminium, but this solution have one disadvantage – you have very sharp edges and it sometimes hurt a bit ;) I made this seals for land raider and it has flat vertical so it fit very well. For more dynamic, windy seals better is aluminium or copper plate. I don’t have any seals around me so I can’t make mold, but this idea is also very good. I think that this tutorial will fit expectations of mold:
    Greenstuff mold

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