How to make lava base

Last time I paint some bad guys on lava bases called Skyrar’s Dark Wolves and below you can find how I made bases for this guys, of course they were a bit smaller than this ;)

I take some cork to make small islands on my lava river. I glue them to base with superglue.

Next I draw with pencil clear rod shape on base to find place for it later.

I add some balls made of greenstuff.

Now you have to flood base with white PVA glue, it will make base smooth and will blur greenstuff balls.

It look like this when is wet. Leave it for some time to dry. It must be dry to continue work!

Ok, when white glue is dry I cut off shape for clear rod with hobby knife. I want to have strong connection with base to avoid broken model ;)

Shape is visible through white glue because it’s almost transparent.

I mask my shape with pattafix putty and spay with white paint.

Now I use Bestial Brown (GW) and airbrushed near edges of islands.

I use Scorched Brown (GW) to enchance shadows.

For max shadows I use Black mixed with Scorched Brown. It’s almost pure black.

I highligted lighter areas with Bleached Bone (GW). If you painted accidientaly bubbles earlier with other colors it’s time to repair it with Bleached Bone.

Maximal highlights are made airbrushing pure white on bubbles. I use Morrow White (P3) – my favourite white paint. Base look rather boring and pale with this colors but it’s only sketch for next color filters.

Time for some bright colors. I use Sunshine Yellow (Windosr&Newton Ink), but it can be any warm yellow transparent paint (Vallejo Transparent Yellow, Tamiya Clear Yellow + tip of Clear Red).


Next I enchance saturation with Chestnut Ink (GW), you can use something similar to this color like W&N Inks, they have this color called Nut Brown.

Ok, next step is to add some small pieces of floating lava sediment. I start with black near islands edges.

Next I add brighter one with Dark Flesh (GW) and Bestial Brown (GW), after this step I put Dark Flesh glaze toward islands to make it more saturated. On last picture you can see very saturated base, Dark Flesh is best for this purpose.

Now it’s time to paint lava with gloss varnish for stronger colors and shiny look. It look more interesting when it’s glossy.

Also I drybrushed islands with Adeptus Battlegrey (GW) and wash with Nuln Oil (GW). I glue clear stick to base and it’s finished.

Hope you find it useful ;)

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  1. Excellent tutorial! Building the base looks a lot easier than I thought and the painting process is nicely explained and simple. Do you think the same effect could be achieved with a standard brush instead of an airbrush? It looks like the „grainy” texture adds some depth and definition to the whole thing, but it could just be me.

    Great job again, keep it up! :)


    1. Huh, you know – you can do everything with brush. But how much time it will take? Airbrushing this base take about 30 mins or less. So airbrush is best time saver instead of traditional brushing. I also tried to get similar effect with oil paints but I wasn’t satisfied with result so I think this way is quite good ;)

  2. Thank you so much C’tan… I totally LOVE all your „How to” tutorials as i always look at your models and wonder just how on earth you make them (including bases) look so unbelievably great.
    You are a stunning painter. Just wish i had the money to buy your services. One day i am sure i will do. For now though a guy can dream.

    1. It’s 0,5cm thick. Very comfortable to use and you don’t need knife to cut desired shapes, only fingers.

  3. Another really helpful tutorial in steps with lots of pictures.
    Love your tutorials. :)

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