Greenstuff mold

Some time ago I had lost some parts of my Pirate Queen Skarre. I don’t have enough skills to sculpt similar parts and I was too lazy to make 2-piece silicon mold. I was thinking how to make it extremly simple – greenstuff should work fine!
Below you can watch effects and fun experienced with this simple method. Of course it’s good way to make simple copies of small parts. For bigger things silicone will be better.

Here is my part needed to be duplicate.

I put original parts into greenstuff ball with some oil from kitchen and wait until it hardens. Oil helps to separate mold from miniature part. Next I drill two holes to make sure that second part will fit.

I make second greenstuff ball, again using a little amount of oil. I add second part of mold. A couple hours later mold is ready.

Ok, mold is ready to separate our main part from greenstuff balls.

Now it’s time to make last greenstuff ball. Use first some oil because mold cannot be sticky. Press greenstuff into mold and close it. Excess of stuff will escape through the holes.

Again, wait some time until greenstuff is hard. And unmold your new shiny parts.

Remove mold lines and other bugs. Copies look very good, I’m very happy that I don’t have to sculpt them.

It’s very simple method, without silicones and resin, you can copy small parts during one day. Hope it can be helpful. :)

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  1. Nice detailled tutorial, your cast seem to be quite clean.

    You might try using this for small pieces (, similar to silicon but comes in a two part solid state; no mess spilling it around while mixing and sets quite fast. There are some different brands around try googlin’ Siligum.

    Didn’t test it with green stuff though, guess it should work without forgetting to oil the mold first. Works fine with liquid materials too (used resin plaster from Gedeo) and details are quite crisp.

    Been following your blog for some time now and i guess i can say there’s a lot of usefull and nice things around. So thanks for the work and keep it on

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