BAN for Finecast commissions.

Hello, after assembling Hellcanon I decieded today to BAN all commissions with GW FINECAST. I don’t want to get anger when I have to prepare minis to paint. I returned to many of them. It cost me a lot of nerves and energy and final effect is always worse than with metal or plastic miniatures. So I don’t want to charge more for lower quality miniatures. Please do not ask me about painting FINECAST miniatures.


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    1. That’s true, I really like their miniatures but not this rubber shit they cast. I don’t want to lost my nerves with putty and knife. It’s not worth it.

  1. Even if I agree with U all I know that GW wont change there politics. The only people in GW who care about the hobby are the sculptures and painters and reall I dont think they have much to say that GW should change.
    You have to remeber that GW is a big corporation who has obligations to the shareholders who really dont care about the hobby just the income of $$$ and on the other hand I dont blame them.
    Here I give you a great link that will tell you something about the recent changes in GW politics.
    Even if its just speculation is worth watching :)

    Well the only good thing is that maybe just maybe (because its just rumors) GW are going only to make plastic models and fine cast is only temporary before they move to full plastics. You already see that new models (singels) are plastic not finecast. So have your fingers crossed :D

    Still Love Your work :D
    Happy Painting Everyone :D

    1. Heh, I hope you are right with those plastics, I really love their plastics especially from starting sets (IoB and this new 40k). And plastic is the best choice for gamers – strong, durable and light! So I have my fingers crossed ;)

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