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Kranon the Relentless

Kranon the Relentless, this time in Nurgle theme. Also you can check tutorial how to paint his [...]

Daemon Prince

Latest finished Daemon Prince. Miniature is converted a bit, he lost tentacle from right leg, also all slaanesh symbols were removed. He got two swords instead of flail and mirror and also mask covering his face. So that’s all, enojoy! [...]

Freddy Krueger Bust

Next of my latest painted busts, this time Freddy Krueger! Miniature is from Ares [...]

Frankenstein Monster Bust

Hello, today I have next bust from Ares Warforge – Frankenstein [...]

Arch-Warlock / Ikit Claw

Hello, I have new old stuff. I already painted two Ikits but this one is most detailed and painted in dark color scheme and with True [...]


Superb miniature from Hasslefree Miniatures, 32mm of pure pleasure of painting, awesome casted and detailed. Highly [...]