Warhammer 40.000?

Recently I bought Arachnarok and Mawloc, and originally they were intended for sale, because I need some money for vacation :) But something unexpected happened. I liked Mawloc too much to say goodbye. Mawloc probably will stay with me. After consulting with fellow players, long talks I decided to buy him the rest of the army. In addition to an army of goblins in the cabinet will be a swarm of Tyranids. A lot of thought to begin a new adventure with Warhamer 40,000. Necron Army proved to be a failure. Of course, first I want to learn how to play Warhammer Fantasy Battle before I start to play the 40k. Don’t worry – I will continue to grow my army of night goblins.

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  1. Wow. A really striking colour scheme. Since i’m kinda returning to the hobby after a 10 years brake and I’m playing Tyranids. I would hope for a painting tutorial of this beast, or at least on how to make this bloody gore effect on his mouth :)

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