Vigo, Spain!

Greetings from Vigo, Spain! I feel very, very happy! Fully relaxed but it’s a beginning. Only two days in Spain and it’s wonderfull. Mahou, my favourite beer – taste like Żywiec (Polish beer).

Samil Beach, great place to get sunburnt! My legs change color to red..

I think that Pacific Ocean is warmer but the temperature of air recompensating everything.

Waves…. great thing!

You can also a blue-eyed girls in spain! They come form Poland ;P

I love this place and “tapas”! Hope you have a good, free time too!





2 thoughts on “Vigo, Spain!

  1. Hehehehe, as a spanish gamer I should tell you… welcome to Spain!!!, enjoy and don´t forget to taste “pulpo a la gallega” (octopus with cooked potatoes) o la “fritura de pescado” (fried fishes).

    Oh, and try an Alhambra 1925 beer, is one of the best around here (a typical beer of the Southern regions of Spain).

    1. We have also eaten Tortilla de patatas, pimientos de padron and chocolate con churros and my favorite is chocolate con churros ;) We don’t have seen Alhambra beer maybye because we’re in northen part of Spain…. In next day we’ll taste another Spanish cousine.

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