Toy Hammer

Hi, all the story with painting Toy Hammer start somewhere around March 2020 when first COVID-19 lockdown was announced. From time to time I was adding next characters to the group. Goal is to convert minis a bit, without making characters from the scratch. Theme is 40k related and I didn’t want to put here any fantasy minis but I couldn’t find a good pig.

Characters used:

  • Sheriff Woody – Genestealer Cults Kelermorph
  • Buzz Lightyear – Space Marines Primaris Inceptors
  • Bo Peep – Genestealer Cults Magus
  • Bullseye – Adeptus Mechanicus Serberys Raiders
  • Mr. Potato Head – Nurgle Beast
  • Slinky Dog – Space Wolves Fenrisian Wolf Pack
  • Jessie – Inquisitor Greyfax
  • Rex – Tau Great Knarlock (Forge World)
  • Hamm – Orc Warlord on Boar
  • Sarge and the Bucket O Soldiers – Astra Militarum Cadians
  • RC – Orks Shokkjump Dragsta
  • Aliens / Little Green Men – Drukhari Ur-Ghul
  • Duke Caboom – Genestealer Cults Jackal Alphus
  • Zurg – Chaos Space Marines Cypher

I can’t say that all characters from the Toy Story movies but maybe in the future will be more guys.


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