Space Wolves Droppod

Hello, next minis from Space Wolves range. Painted similar as my previous Skyrar’s Droppod but this time it’s a non chaotic version. Hope you like it!


6 thoughts on “Space Wolves Droppod

    1. Mostly with dark brown thin layers of paint and dark brown, almost black washes.

  1. Another great Space Wolves model, congrats! I think I prefer the Skyrar’s Darkwolves scheme, but this is just peronnal preference.
    Both Drop pods look stunning – do you paint them before assembly or you cramp your brush everywhere once it is completely built? Is the model magnetized?
    Again, sweet job and hope to see more Wolves in the near future!

    1. I painted it in parts, bottom part with doors, engine and this standing things separately after painting I put parts together and retouch some areas. Painting models like this fully assembled would be very hard. If you can’t reach recess just glue part later :)

  2. Could you tell me what paint do you use to make this awesome main blue-grey color?

    1. I answered you via mail but also I’ll put it here.

      I use to paint blue-grey droppod this colors

      Base – Russ Grey
      Highlights – Fenrisian Grey
      Edges – Space Wolves Grey, sometime white on sharpest edges

      For shadows and dirty places I airbrushed/washed with Agrax Earthshade and black

      and that’s all, this paints work very well together so I hope you’ll enjoy painting your minis this way!

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