Some pics of my warmachine army

I don’t know why I never show you this pictures :) Some time ago I bought Cryx battlegroup and couple other minis. I’ve played a lot of times and I think that this is good system for me. I’m going to sell my O&G army from WFB. Now it’s time for Warmachine. I love this steampunk atmosphere of models, pipes, wheels, steam, coal and more…

One thing more, this models are painted for gaming purposes, not to lie in a cabinet ;) My own army! Jeeeeeeeeeah!

Cryx Slayer

Cryx Deathripper and Defiler

…and whole family photo.

I think that in future there will be more of them on my battlefield. Only problem is to find enough time to paint whole army ;) Hope you like it!

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  1. I love this color scheme. What colors did you use for their dark grey armour? Looks like bones , greys ,and blacks.

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