Skyrar’s Dark Wolves Terminators

Commission work. Some really bad guys converted from Space Wolves Wolf Guard Terminators and Chaos Marines Terminators plus some parts from Forge World. That’s a quite nice mix. Hope you like it!
Main color for OSL is Sybarite Green from GW, I love this color.

Also here you can find how to make lava base tutorial.

9 thoughts on “Skyrar’s Dark Wolves Terminators

  1. Totaly awesome!!! I love the multiple OSL going on and the weapons look plain evil. Are the armours darker than your other SW models or is it the OSL that makes them look darker?
    Great job! I hope you’ll get more chaos wolves commissions ;)


  2. Wow! Stunning work!
    Would it would be too much to ask for your colors on this? I would love to try this!

  3. Your OSL is amazing! Could you do a tutorial demonstrating how you do it? What colours did you use for the runes and power weapons? Thanks.

  4. I agree with Carl, the OSL is amazing! Looking over all your work, all of it is definitely terrific. Thanks for the tutorials so far as I’ve found them very useful!

    Would you be able to provide an OSL tutorial as I’ve been searching for ages for a good one and for the ones that do, none seem to be as good as yours.

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