Hi, it’s time to use some wooden sticks to build some terrains for my Cryx Satyxis witches. I think that shipwrecks and rocks will fit to its island climate. Lord Toruk should be proud of this.

I made it without any plan, I have some free time, wooden sticks, sharp pliers  and cyanoacrylic glue.I spent about 1,5 hour to built this construction. You can see results below. I’m planning to put them on small bases with rocks, cold water, ice and icicles to fit my Cryx snowy theme.

There will be four bases with shipwreck and an option to connect them together to get full ship. Also I have to go to the M1 supermaket to find some tree bark (pretendnig to be my sea rocks) on parking beside trees, buy styrofoam and other crazy stuff. Hope you’ll find some inspiration here :)



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  1. This is super cool! I bet this would look cool on display bases as well! It is super impressive that you managed to make something actually look like a boat without planning it ahead!

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