Salt and hairspray

Hi, this time I’ll show you how I try to reconstuct burned effect using hairspray and salt. Car below was my inspiration.


…so, let’s start.


First of all paint black undercoat.


Next using rusty colors I airbrushed some rust on car wreck.


When it was dry I use gloss varnish to protect this layer.


After gloss varnish was completly dry I sprayed car with harispray and put some salt when it was sticky. Hairspray is water soluble clear varnish so it can be washed off with water.

After it dry I airbrushed next layer of rusty colors.


Now I took hard brush with warm water and remove salt and other areas from paint so previous layer is very good visible now. Also you can use toothpick or wooden stick to make scratches and other paint chips.


I sprayed car again with gloss varnish, hairspray and then with light grey and start whole process again this time without salt. I wanted to have smother transitions between dust and rust.


After scratching and chipping I washed recess areas with dark brown wash. Finally I airbrushed matt varnish. Now you can see final effect.


So, it look like below in steps.

  1. black basecoat
  2. rusty colors
  3. gloss varnish
  4. hairspray
  5. salt (or without salt)
  6. warm water and brush, toothpick, toothbrush etc.
  7. washes
  8. matt varnish

Hope you’ll find it useful :)

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    1. W ostateczności tak, ale pamiętaj o tym, że pędzlem możesz rozmyć lakier do włosów a tu chodzi o to, żeby zrobić to na samym końcu ;)

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