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  1. Hi!
    Man, I’m amazed by your stuff! Those cryx models are insane, they’re painted just like I would like to paint mine.

    Would you mind share your recipe to those leather parts?

    Keep like that, you’re incredible.

  2. Thanks :)
    Leather is first painted with Khemri Brown (GW) as base and shaded and highlighted by various glazes.
    Green shadows are made of Khemri Brown mixed with Camo Green (GW)
    Darker green shadows are glazes of Dark Angels Green (GW) with Nightshade Purple (Reaper) and sometimes with addition of black.
    Highlights are Khemri Brown with Bleached Bone (GW) and addition of white in most raised areas.
    Damages on leather are sharp lines of watered down black mixed with browns (50% opacity) highlighted with white mixed with Bleached Bone.
    Propably that’s not all because I use lot of dirty, pale colors to paint this part of model, so you can try your own mixes to paint it similar. Mixing paint is great because you can paint with totally unique colors but on the other hand is very hard to recover list of colors.

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