Really big guys

Hi everybody! I’d like to show you my recent projects. I thought that Arachnarok and Mawloc are big models.. I was wrong :)

There is a  comparison of three minis on picture below. Arachnarok, Stormlord and Mawloc.  As you can see Stormlord is really huge,  almost twice as big as the rest. I wanted  to paint Stormlord in Death Korps color scheme and I think it’s now a fact!

oh, Emperor’s Champion on the top…. hhahahaa…


Rusty fuel tanks..

Many things are still WIP like rear.

I have a plan to make base with lot of mud mixed with snow, and snow… and snow…. and ice… It should be approximately 30×20 cm (~A4). I don’t know how will it look like but in my opinion will be awesome –  like whole model. :>

Still a lot to do, tank need some shading and highlighting…. Have a nice day!

One thought on “Really big guys

  1. All 3 are awesome!
    I love the coloring on the Malwoc, but the weathering on the Stormlord is just so perfect.
    The Arachnarok is pretty sick too :)

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